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Established in 2014 and since then working hard to convey our passion for logistics to every customer.

Move Your Box Worldwide or MYBW is a dynamic and passionate freight forwarding company. We’re specialised in arranging national and international transport of all import and export goods.

MYBW is located in Rotterdam and in excellent connection with the world port of Rotterdam. Thanks to our professional network MYBW can send your cargo to every destination around the world in no time. Our services consist of national transporting a single box to shipping multiple containers around the globe. Whether it goes by truck, ship or plane.


It’s our mission to be a reliable, transparent and accessible partner for everyone with the need to transport goods. We also want to shake up the logistical world with our new way of work and eventually bring back the thrill and excitement like the good old days. We’ll do this by looking back at the rich history of the world of international shipping. To exhale the same passion in our work as before, only with all the possibilities of today.

This is what we mean with “Logistics with real passion”.

Core values

Our core values ​​are passion for our customers and logistics , reliability, commitment and accessibility. This is why we feel involved with every shipment and customer. This is also why we’d like to think along with you and your logistical cases. This allows your goods to be transported safe and efficient and arrive in good conditions at the final destination.

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