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E-fulfilment for webshops

E-fulfilment for webshops

E-fulfilment for webshops is something that is almost impossible for webshops to ignore nowadays. The new and emerging way of stock and logistics management is the best way to save more time, and to be able to spend your time on the things you’re good at. What e-fulfilment exactly entails won’t be discussed in detail in this article. For that, you can scroll to our article on e-fulfilment. This article will mainly why e-fulfillment is an addition to your business, and how it will make your life as a webshop owner easier.

Stock management, shipments and returns

If you are a web shop owner, you will be aware of the time-consuming task of storing, sending and returning parcels. You need to store your product in a safe location, have the right packaging materials, pack the product and then ship the product in the right way, with the right packing slip. All in all, a job that takes up a lot of time. In that time you could’ve also been busy improving your webshop, promoting your marketing message or expanding your current range of products. These are all things that make it necessary for you to ship even more products. Anyway, inventory management, shipping orders and handling returns are all part and parcel of managing a webshop. Right?

We at Move Your Box Worldwide don’t think so. We believe that as an online store owner, you should be focused on what you’re good at and passionate about, improving and growing your online store. As your logistics partner, we’ll focus on what we are good at and passionate about. The e-fulfilment for webshop solution of Move Your Box Worldwide ensures optimal business operations for all parties involved. Together we try to grow to a higher level.

E-fulfillment for everyone

You may think that such a solution sounds very interesting indeed. But it isn’t for me as a small shop owner. E-fulfilment is probably an expensive process, where I have to ship at least 1000 orders a month. With Move Your Box Worldwide this is absolutely not the case. We believe that this solution should be available to everyone, and we don’t set a minimum. Whether it concerns turnover, orders or assortment. Together we’ll always come to an agreement, so please contact us directly to discuss our rates.

Move Your Box Worldwide

We understand that it is important for you to work with a party that knows what they’re talking about when it comes to logistics. Move Your Box Worldwide is an experienced player in logistics, specializing in national and international freight shipping. Whether this is by road transport, sea freight, air freight or a combination of all the above. No challenge is too big for us. Contact us at the earliest convenience to discuss the possibilities with regard to e-fulfilment for webshops. We will be happy to help you!

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