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Car Shopping in Germany

15 July, 2016

Last month we made a customer happy with his new imported car. The car is transported to Rotterdam from the German town of Liempde Alfter. Our client bought this car, a Lancia Thema, at a car dealership in Germany … Read more

The first container ship in Rotterdam 

13 October, 2015

May 3, 1966, Sea-lands container ship Fairland made his first visit to Rotterdam, where it unloaded the 35-foot containers with its own on-board cranes. Together with three sister ships with a capacity of 226 containers the Fairland … Read more

MYBW in beautiful Curaçao

13 October, 2015

Move Your Box Worldwide were last month in the beautiful Curaçao to strengthen links and to introduce our services to different companies and web shops. We are pleased that many shared our vision. The highlight of the … Read more

Around the globe

13 October, 2015

MYBW is a new freight forwarding company that focuses on the direct needs of our clients offering custom solutions around the globe.

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